3 Reasons Why a Brand Can’t Escape From Social Media

Did you know that 83% of the Singaporeans use social media, and Facebook is the top social media platform in the world?

It is inevitable that businesses will not utilise social media to reach their target audience to potentially convert them from a lead to become a user of the brand’s product or services.

Social media is an essential component of your digital marketing strategy and here is why I said so.

1. Get them to “do”

Based on the See-Think-Do-Care business framework, social media allow users to be exposed to the “see” stage for brand awareness through the content that is shared over at social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Interesting and engaging content such as images, videos, articles etc. are often shared from one individual to another. By creating more exposure for the business/brand through social media, it increases the brand awareness.

Ultimately, the end goal is to drive the target market to become your customer and for them to “care” about the business/brand through social media.

2. Reach your audience based on insights

Social media platform like Facebook allows the business/brand to gain audience insight to help target the audience you want based on location, age and gender, education level, relationship status, life events, and many thousands of unique interests and behaviours.

It allows the business/brand to actually create content and digital ads, such as Facebook advertising to arouse their interest and be engaged with the ad.

To engage users through social media is one of the methods to integrate into an effective digital marketing strategy.

3. Building a long term relationship

Social media is the platform for consumers to interact and express their opinions about the brand. A good example is Glossier, which they illustrate how they connect with customers using social media to build a community using social media type such as such as Instagram and Facebook to build a community based on real people, not just influencers.

When a business/brand is able to relate, listen and engage their followers through a community, it portrays an image that they know what the customers’ needs and wants are, and that is what marketing is all about!

P.S: I highly recommend you to check out how Glossier uses social media to build a cult following!

In conclusion, social media is a fantastic tool when great content is created to share with the users to engage them with the brand.

Do you agree with what I have said? Feel free to share your opinions with me by leaving a comment. Sharing is caring 🤘

Signing off,

4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why a Brand Can’t Escape From Social Media

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    1. Hi Damon, thanks for reading! May I ask if you’re talking about the best platform for social media? If yes, I don’t think that there is the “best” platform to build a business.

      The platform which brands use ultimately must take into consideration the target audience which the brand is targeting as stated in the “Andreas M. Kaplan *, Michael Haenlein” article.

      In my opinion, when we are talking about Digital Marketing Strategy as a whole for brand/business, it compromises of different elements to make it successful. An excellent article which I like is this: http://digitalverge.net/digital-marketing/digital-marketing-components/

      From there you can conclude that exposure to different touchpoint/platform is critical for a business. An example I can give is, a user sees a video posted on Facebook which draws his/her attention > goes to the website > subscribe to the brand’s newsletter > Receive a $10 discount code > Make the 1st online purchase and receive customer details (email etc.) > Brand will try to re-engage the customers through email marketing to garner repeated purchase.

      Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers!


  1. I agree with you that companies can use social media to help strengthen their relationship with customers, however, do you think that a company can use any random social media to help achieve that purpose or do you think the type of social media used depending on the service the company provide matters?


  2. Hey Stanley! Good question asked, let me gladly explain it to you.To answer your questions, let me break down in details for you.

    > Company cannot randomly use any social media to achieve the purpose of strengthening their relationship with customers.

    The brand must take into consideration which platform they can find their target audience. A very interesting stats which is based in Singapore can be seen here: https://www.equinetacademy.com/15-key-social-media-statistics-for-singapore-digital-marketers-with-analysis-equinet-academy/

    From the article, you can tell that Facebook is one of the top social media platforms in Singapore and the rest of the world. Starting with Facebook is a good one to start with if you were to ask me. However, as I have shared with Damon earlier, a successful digital marketing strategy allows consumers to have many touch points with the brand to build a long-term relationship with them.

    > The type of social media used need not necessarily have to be dependent on the type of service provided. When the brand is aware of the type of consumers they want to target using social media, it is essential for the brand to ensure that the content that is generated is creative and engaging enough for them to like, share or comment on it.

    note: Content could come in the form of an image, video, article, poll, infographics etc.

    Another thing to note is that the content must deliver one message across all the different social media platform in other to strengthen brand recall of the campaign/message that you want to deliver.

    Feel free to let me know if you need any clarifications! Thank you.


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